This Baby…


…has cheeks made of spun sugar and marshmallows. God knew what He was doing with this one. Happy Monday!



Letters To My Baby: 002


Dear Harper,

Your two month birthday is just around the corner and wow, what an amazing two months it has been. Your dad and I are starting to get the hang of this parenting thing, at least we think so anyway. I’ve put together a list of things I hope to never forget about these early days with you. This will be an ever-growing list, I am sure of it, but here are some of my favorite things so far:

Let me never forget:

  • The warmth and weight of you while napping on my chest, and the way you liked to be folded up tight, like a little frog.
  • Your soft-as-down, fuzzy baby hair against my chin.
  • The hundreds (thousands) of kisses planted on your teeny head.
  • How slow you were to wake up some mornings before nursing and those big, big stretches and yawns.
  • How you’d grab onto my fingers with all your might because you were so mad that I dared change your diaper.
  • The first times you smiled – being on the receiving end of those smiles felt like winning the lottery, and something tells me that feeling will never, ever go away.

Your dad and I look forward to many more firsts and favorite times with you. You are our world, little girl.

I love you,



Weekend in Review

harper smile

This weekend was exceptional. It feels like summer is here and, just like every year, I forget I actually love summer until we’re in it. However, check in with me around August and I might have other opinions about the weather. August in Georgia is no joke, friends. Imagine a super-sauna and then crank the humidity up to 1000 and that is what Georgia feels like at summer’s end. But, for now, the weather is swell and let us all soak up our farmers’ tans, grill all our food, and keep our eyes peeled for the perfect baby sun hat. Maybe the last one only applies to me, but it sure is a cute accessory necessity we can all think about for a moment. Something like this or this (to coordinate with mama) is at the top of my list for my teeny girl.

Also of note, my dear, sweet baby slept 7.5 hours Friday and Saturday night… and Pal and I got to do the same! What a beautiful gift (and one I will never take for granted).

On Sunday Harper got to experience her first cookout. A few of us went to our friends’ house and enjoyed delicious food in the great outdoors. It doesn’t take much more than a back porch and a nice breeze to make me happy this time of year and, judging from the picture below, my kid feels the same. It was glorious – steak, veggies, corn muffins from heaven, and blueberry crumble with extra Cool Whip. Harps napped through dinner and this mama said a million thank yous.

baby lounge

If I can make requests, as I am wont to do, I’d like for every weekend to feel a lot like this past one. So, consider my request formally logged and sent out into the universe.

cool mom

Lastly, I leave you with this:

“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” – Mrs. George

So Much To Say

…and yet, there seems to be very little time and/or brain power to get the words out. But, here we are, nearly 8 weeks in and my dear girl gets more perfect each and every day.


Motherhood has changed me in some of the best ways in my very short tenure as a mama. It has helped me gain patience (which I desperately needed), allowed me to be more kind and forgiving towards myself, and shown me that maybe I don’t need 9 hours of sleep a night (I do, but I’ll take what I can get.).

Motherhood has also given me the ability to feel much more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have. Maybe it’s a shift in perspective, maybe it’s just me getting older, or maybe I have just enough energy to care about what really matters. Whatever it is, I am grateful and happy for it.



4 Weeks In


4 weeks… somehow it’s already been 4 weeks since our little bean made her way into the world. 4 weeks that have been amazing, challenging, incredible, exhausting, and filled with growth for all three of us. I feel like I’m starting to fall into my new role as a mother and I love it beyond measure. There is still so much to learn, but I am ready to take in all I can.

IMG_8693 2.JPG


Your mom and dad love you so much, Harper Anne. Thank you for being you – perfect, beautiful, fascinating you.

Letters To My Baby: 001


Dear Harper,

This weekend was a busy one spent getting ready for you. The nursery is looking pretty with its fresh coat of paint (Marshmallow Whip for the walls, and yes, the name swayed me considerably) and squeaky clean carpets – thanks to your Lala and Billy!

While your dad and Billy were working on the carpets, Lala and I went through all your new and new-to-us baby clothes. Laundry has never been this fun… or really fun at all. But, seeing all the teeny tiny outfits that you will soon get to wear (and spit up on), kept me grinning from ear to ear. You are going to be one stylish lady.

Even after our busy afternoon, your dad found the time to put your crib together! Seeing that sweet little crib in your room was the cherry on top of the entire day. It’s really starting to feel like your room now and I can’t wait to walk in there and see you in it. Your nursery has quickly become my favorite room in the house and watching it all come together is pretty magical.

We love you so much, little one. See you in 8 weeks (or so)!



It’s a…


…and oh boy are we excited! (Hold on to your hats, this one might be a gusher.)

We found out last Thursday and I swear to you, it’s still all I can think about. I had no idea how nervous I would be going into the appointment, but I was a mess. The opportunity to get to know this person just a little better was, and still is, so incredibly exciting to me. Our ultrasound specialist saved the gender reveal for last, which made the rest of the appointment some kind of torture. And while I am grateful to check up on the rest of baby, I was slowly dying inside when the next thing she did wasn’t the big reveal.

But alas, now we know and we can call her by name. Thinking of baby as my daughter makes my heart beat a little faster and puts and instant smile on my face. I love to imagine what she’ll look like (please have your dad’s hair!) and wonder which traits she’ll inherit from each of us.

Baby girl is also kicking up a storm these days. Not powerful enough for Pal to feel yet, but I think we’ll be there soon. 🙂

Hey, Baby!

2015-11-04 15.31.58

You want to know what is hard? Taking a photo of le bebe bump, or at least a photo that makes baby look true to size… not too big, not too small. The Goldilocks of bump photos, if you will. So I tried, and truth be told, felt foolish the entire time.

But, onto other bump-y things. Pregnancy right now is fun. I have energy, I have learned to cope with much less brain power, I look pregnant (not just chubby), and am not yet to the point of being uncomfortable. We’re winning over here!

Other pregnancy updates:

  • Baby’s kicking! The tiniest, barely there somethings, but it is a very real something. Talk about falling in love all over again.
  • We are one week away from knowing whether our Baby G is a he or she. The suspense is torture!
  • We have names! Boy or girl, we are set.
  • My appetite tapered off there for a couple weeks, but second breakfast is back in full force. Also, everything I eat is “The best thing I ever ate”. It’s kind of nice because I never expect my level of satisfaction to surpass where we were at the previous meal, but alas, we do.

That’s all we have for now. Happy pre-Friday!

Our Greatest Adventure

BabyGrubbsTex and I are so, so excited to announce that we have a little Pal of our own on the way. It still feels surreal, but the bigger my bump gets, the easier it is to believe that this is actually happening.

I’ve been doing my best to enjoy my pregnancy, and so far, I feel like I have. Somehow I am one of the lucky few who avoided morning sickness and was able to skate by with some nausea that was usually cured with a snack. I was incredibly tired my first trimester, which was not surprising.

Now, at seventeen weeks, the nausea has subsided and I’m no longer napping on a daily basis (or feeling the need for an IV of orange Gatorade). I feel much more like myself these days, which makes trying to plan (or attempt to plan) for what lies ahead a little easier.

Also, being at seventeen weeks makes us that much closer to finding out if our little Baby G is boy or a girl! I honestly thought I would have a preference, but to tell the truth, I will be so in love either way. Just knowing that soon we will be able to find out whether it’s our or son or daughter that I’m carrying is seriously the most exciting feeling.

Our little Pal isn’t even here yet, but has already brought us both so much happiness.