Hey, Baby!

2015-11-04 15.31.58

You want to know what is hard? Taking a photo of le bebe bump, or at least a photo that makes baby look true to size… not too big, not too small. The Goldilocks of bump photos, if you will. So I tried, and truth be told, felt foolish the entire time.

But, onto other bump-y things. Pregnancy right now is fun. I have energy, I have learned to cope with much less brain power, I look pregnant (not just chubby), and am not yet to the point of being uncomfortable. We’re winning over here!

Other pregnancy updates:

  • Baby’s kicking! The tiniest, barely there somethings, but it is a very real something. Talk about falling in love all over again.
  • We are one week away from knowing whether our Baby G is a he or she. The suspense is torture!
  • We have names! Boy or girl, we are set.
  • My appetite tapered off there for a couple weeks, but second breakfast is back in full force. Also, everything I eat is “The best thing I ever ate”. It’s kind of nice because I never expect my level of satisfaction to surpass where we were at the previous meal, but alas, we do.

That’s all we have for now. Happy pre-Friday!


2 thoughts on “Hey, Baby!

    • Thank you! The names were so easy (almost too easy?). We’re using our middle names for baby’s middle name, which helped with the easiness. Congrats on your little one and good luck finding the perfect name.

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