A Delightfully Smashing Evening


Last night, some lady friends, myself, and our pups got together for a fabulously British evening. There were Union Jacks a-plenty, Downton Abbey marmalade and clotted cream to top our scones, a crunchier take on fish ‘n chips, and what may have been the most indulgent bread pudding to date, all while Sense & Sensibility played in the background. Also included, but not British, roughly 4 hours of laughter and many failed attempts at getting tiaras to stay on our dogs’ heads. It was ridiculous and I loved every second of it.

After last night I declare we have more themed parties in our future. It was way too fun and just the right amount of silly. Maybe next time we need a bake-off of sorts?


This was my first rendezvous with clotted cream… and oh holy, it’s a good thing for me and my arteries that I do not come across it often. So, so good! Another over-the-top indulgence worth noting – gluten free brown sugar bread pudding topped with homemade caramel and vanilla gelato. Dee-lish.


I used this recipe from Southern Bite, but halved it and subbed the baguette for a loaf of Pure Knead gluten-free bread sandwich bread.

Queen Elizabeth and her puggy sister were in attendance, as well as a their friend Angie, a Corgi who is partial to trench coats.

It was a bloody good time for all.

P.S.: 33 weeks = swollen ankles. I’m officially a pregnant stereotype.



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