Just Shy of 5 Months

My beautiful baby girl will be 5 months old this weekend – 5 MONTHS. Just a moment ago she was a tiny, sleepy, eyes-barely-open newborn and I was convinced she was made of porcelain. Now we have ourselves a giggly, bright-eyed, 14lb sack of sugar with marshmallow cheeks.

This past Saturday Harper rolled over for the first time and while I was cheering her on like a madwoman, Tex walked in mere moments before the big event. (Now I know what parents of Olympians must feel like.) It was pretty sweet having both of us in the room to witness one of her first milestones. Fingers crossed we are lucky enough to witness more major moments together (and plenty of not-so-major moments, too).

In the trend of milestones, Harper will be dedicated at church this Sunday, and we have lots of family coming in town to help us celebrate. Tex joked to Harper that he may not hold her all weekend (this probably isn’t too far from the truth, to be honest — but, we’re happy to share the snuggles with those who get them in much more limited quantities).

I’m already wishing we had more than a weekend to spend with everyone, but this short visit will be a good one, no doubt about it. It’ll be a nice pause before the craziness of renovating and moving takes over, which is just a couple of weeks away.

2016, you’re proving to be a memorable one.




On Getting Up Early



Us Grubbs, we get up earlier than necessary (except on Sundays. On Sundays there is a gravitational pull to the bed that makes it something of a miracle to get to church on time. What is with that?). Pal has always been an early riser, but me not so much. Once I learned that, while I do not require much time to actually get ready, I am a much nicer person if I can start my day slowly and started to make an effort to give myself some time to do just that.

In our house a snooze button wouldn’t do anyone any good since the second the alarm goes off Elizabeth also goes off. Little whines and rustling, with a healthy dose of tail wagging against the wall. That blonde baby knows when it is time to eat and doesn’t have a second to spare otherwise.

We shuffle into the kitchen, Queen Elizabeef and I,  begrudgingly flipping on the light, resulting in us sleepily staring at each other with just one eye open while I fumble with the food container and dish out their portions. This let’s Lola know that it’s the magical eating hour and  she immediately morphs into a furious Pugnado, yipping and spinning in her crate, literally bouncing of the walls. I go to let her out, food scoop still in hand, and within a second she is smashed face-deep in her bowl. Moments later the food is gone, pups are outside, I fill the kettle, and sit on the couch to catch my breath (and scroll through Instagram).

By the time the kettle starts to whistle the furry ones are pawing at the back door to come in. I oblige, steep my tea and make my way back to the couch. By this time I am marginally coherent and it’s in my best interest as Lola is now at full speed. Pre-Lola I gave myself an extra half hour to sleep, but since she is still crate trained, I wanted to give her ample playtime before we left for work. The things you do for the ones you love.

With ten minutes or so left before it’s time to get in the shower I catch up on the blogs I read, play a word with a friend, and I feel like a functioning human by the time I wash my hair. It’s really a grand thing.

Post-shower I still have a minute or two to dawdle: start breakfast, pack our lunches, throw a squeaky ball down the hallway, see what has happened on Twitter since the night before. Waking up is hard.

Speaking of breakfast, have I shared my love that are sweet potato hash browns? Holy heavens above, top with two over easy eggs and it’s flat-out dreamy. If you’re feeling super fancy, throw some avocado in the mix. You might not be hungry until dinner. Whole30 or not, these are a new staple in our house.

There you have it. A morning routine for us slow pokes that want to be morning people, but can’t quite really be morning people without some gentle coaxing.

Adios, Weekend!

Photo Aug 03, 7 09 26 PM

Another summer weekend comes to a close, and I have to say, this one was rather nice. Friday night was spent at home catching up from being in Austin for a couple days. Meal planning, tv watching, all-together not a far cry from any other Friday. We were just sleepier. Friday was also Day 1 of Whole30! It came and went like a breeze. Pals were a little snacky that night and when Tex went for the homemade popcorn I decided to toast a bit of coconut and almonds in coconut oil with a sprinkle of kosher salt and cinnamon. A touch sweet and fixed my snack craving right up.

Saturday night we celebrated a city’s birthday with some friends over some fireworks. It was lovely! Snacks, music, and most certainly the fireworks show of the summer. We also got to play with babies! Incredibly cute babies, to be precise.

Today was nice and slow, complete with a little back porch reading, iced tea making, pug snuggling, and a delicious dinner of pork chops and crash hot potatoes (my new favorite thing ever).

Photo Aug 03, 5 05 03 PM

Photo Aug 03, 5 28 53 PMDon’t worry, Elizabeth got lots of pets and kisses, too.

See ya later, weekend! Monday, I think I can handle you.

MC Cares: PAWS Atlanta


Every few months the company I work for organizes a volunteer opportunity for those who would like to participate. We’ve done all sorts of things – packed lunches for people in need, baked desserts for families with chronically ill children, and today we helped out at an animal shelter.


In between the dog walking, cat cuddling, and fetch playing, we also landscaped a little. Transporting and spreading mulch – no big deal during the Atlanta summer. 😉

PAWS Atlanta is a local non-profit and relies heavily on volunteer support. If you’re in the Decatur or Atlanta area, you should really check them out and lend a hand. The staff is really nice and very helpful… and love volunteers!

Photo Jun 04, 3 06 29 PM

I had the privilege of walking the chubbiest chihuahua I have ever seen. His name is D-Jay and he was just the sweetest. A little skittish, but so gentle and he loved the getting some fresh air on the puppy trail.

Photo Jun 04, 3 43 33 PM

Photo Jun 04, 3 41 09 PM

PAWS also has a house that is now the designated Cat Cottage. It’s air conditioned with tons of kitty trees and screened in window lounge areas.


Photo Jun 04, 3 51 43 PM

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


Towards the end of our stint, we got to hang out with a few pups. A little fetch, a little running, and the highlight of all highlights… a sleepy old pug named Mr. Big.

Photo Jun 04, 3 46 15 PM

It was such a great afternoon. Hot, sweaty, and a whole lot of fun.

Grateful, Not Grumpy


I woke up this morning and even though I slept really well, I sort of wanted to be grumpy. This past weekend was one that went too fast and by the time it was over, it felt like it was just getting started. Despite my best efforts to mope, I ultimately decided to put on my big girl pants, make my bed, and get on with my day.

While I was sitting in line at the bank, I decided to write down a few things that I was grateful for, in that moment. Here is what I came up with:

  • Elizabeth’s 8th Birthday: Today my little blonde pup is 8 and I’m so thankful that she is mine. This August will mark 8 years that I’ve gotten to be her mom and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. She has made me so happy and I love her energy, smiling face, and squishy, squishy neck.
  • Gorgeous, breezy weather and getting to run errands in it. The crazy winter we had wasn’t all that long ago and I finally feel like I’ve thawed. It was just perfect outside and I relished every moment.
  • New Music: While I was compiling this list, this song was on I can’t wait to hear more from The Horrible Crowes. (Despite the name, the song was anything but horrible.)
  • A teeny puglet that likes to rest her head on my feet.
  • Knowing that my bed is made, my house is clean, and my Pal will grill pork chops when we get home.

Memorial Day Weekend 2014: A Post of Mostly Nothing

This weekend was a little of this, a little of that, and one day longer than normal; which makes it extra lovely in my book.

Not a whole lot happened of note, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway! Aren’t you the luckiest?

Saturday I managed to cart myself to not one grocery store, but three grocery stores. See, it’s getting good already. By the time I cleaned the house, bought food all over town, and whipped up Joy the Baker’s Cherry Pie Bars, I thought I just might be done for the day. But lo, Pals opted for a last-minute movie date and finally saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was marvelous, as was the medium popcorn and diet coke combo.


Sunday we churched and headed over to our friends’ house for a BBQ. The rain held off long enough for everyone to stuff themselves silly. I think it’s written somewhere that the only way to kickoff the summer is with various grilled meats and mayonnaisey side items.

Today I managed to clock a good 10 hours of sleep (it’s my magic number). After a slow morning, we did various backyard-ish things before the rain rolled in. While Pal trimmed lots of greenery, I:

– checked out the mulberries Lola is currently obsessed with. There are many streaks of purple where I never thought there would be.


– bathed both pups – terribly dramatic each time around. Lola shook and looked at me like I’d betrayed in the worst way. Elizabeth swapped cone for bath temporarily and I’m fairly certain considered running away. Alas, they both survived and got to have a treat.


– painted my nails and very patriotic shade of red.

– continued to read Nora Ephron’s collection of essays, Crazy Salad & Scribble Scribble, from the comfort of my back deck. The best kind of reading happens on back decks. A little bit of a suntan wouldn’t hurt, either.


Pal finished the yard just in time for a fairly theatrical thunderstorm. We took full advantage, opened lots of windows to catch the breeze and started on the final season of Mad men.

A Note To My Pets


Dear Queen Elizabeef + Pugloaf,

You two are top-notch, I tell you. The lights of our lives. The pepperoni to our pizza. I love that you follow me around in the morning like a chubby entourage. It makes me fee like a princess. However, there are a few things of note that I would like to bring to your attention.

Elizabeth: please do not lick your paw until the fur falls out. It’s gross and when I wrap up your little wound with Neosporin and a bandage, you limp around like a drama queen. It’s better for everyone involved that you just leave it be.

Lola: Where do I begin? Typing this very sentence is taking much longer than necessary since you will not stop licking my hands. Last time I checked, keyboards are not waterproof and your mom is not a chew toy.

Elizabeth: Your sister’s high-pitched shrieks for attention clearly annoy you. Can you please tell her to find another way to communicate? Much appreciated.

Lola: Even though my hair is often in a bun, that is not the kind you eat, so please find a new snack source.

Elizabeth: I know you know what you’re doing when you try to eat your sister’s food first … you’re not fooling anyone.

Lola: I love it that you pretend to be my hat. I want to tie a ribbon around you and wear you like a bonnet. Sort of.

Elizabeth: You have the best neck for wrapping my arms around for big, big hugs. So beefy.

And to you both: The neighbors are not, in fact, out to get you. No need to bark at them any longer.

Despite your hair eating, paw gnawing antics, I love you to the moon and back and I think you both deserve a cookie.