For the Dads


Daddy and Harper, Day 1

It’s the first Father’s Day for this house and I am eager to celebrate. While Pal has only been a daddy for going on three months, he is such a natural. He is so sweet with our girl and seeing them together does my heart endless amounts of good.


Look at her face!

In honor of the dads, and my favorite one of all, here is a short list of what makes me the happiest seeing my Pal as a papa:

  • The way his face lights up each and every time he sees her
  • Overhearing their conversations, though they are sometimes one-sided
  • Watching him read to her (and her big smile when he does!)
  • That he knows just when I need a break and steps right in
  • All the silly songs I overhear

I am lucky to have this guy on my team. Everything he does is done with the utmost thought and care, and I know that raising our sweet girl will be no different. Happy Father’s Day, Pal. Harps and I are happy you’re ours.


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