36 Weeks / 9 Months!

Socks and Sophie

Socks and Sophie

We’ve made it to 9 months! Holy moly people, this is getting really real. Part of me thought I’d be pregnant for the rest of my life and the other part is wondering where the last 9 months have gone.

We’re trying to tie up the loose ends around here to feel as prepared as possible. I’m doing what I can while making time to prop up my fat feet (doctor’s orders!) and trying to remember that slowing down is necessary, hard as it may be. I’ve never been much for sitting still, but am trying to embrace it.

Speaking of doctors, yesterday mine looked at me and said, “It looks like you have a good sized baby in there. How tall are you?” I informed her I was 5’6 and she then asked if my husband was a large man. I told her he is 5’8, so not terribly large, and then she changed the subject. Am I crazy or would a little explanation have been nice? It’s not polite to leave a person hanging after insinuating she may be soon giving birth to the next Andre the Giant. And, truth be told, to me she doesn’t feel that big, despite the fact that every person under the sun seems to think otherwise, and isn’t afraid of letting me know. Though, it’s not like I have any idea as to  what’s going on. Maybe she is actually due tomorrow and maybe the doctors and ultrasound tech were wrong and there really are two in there. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. 😉



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