32 Weeks

32 weeks

32 weeks is, “Are those my feet way down there?”

32 weeks is back to being full-body tired, but also waking up entirely agitated several times a night.

32 weeks is simultaneously wanting to nap and clean my house, but since I’m at work, all I can do is sit here and think about how dirty my floors are and how my fridge could use a good scrubbing. (Hi, nesting hormones! Nice to meet you.)

32 weeks is craving any food anyone has, mentions, or is viewed on Pinterest. (Is there a pregnancy filter available on Pinterest that removes all tempting foods? It’s a new kind of cruelty to see a picture of a cupcake and not be able to make that cupcake materialize.)

For your entertainment, the short list of foods I’ve craved since 10am:

  • watermelon
  • my coworker’s garlic potatoes
  • vanilla cupcake
  • fro-yo
  • another coworker’s turkey/cheese wrap thing
  • bread pudding

32 weeks is no longer being able to see my feet when I walk down stairs, so instead I stare off to the side of my belly to make sure I don’t wipeout.

32 weeks is watching a birthing video and not being terrified, but tearing up because it’s the most insane and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

32 weeks is under two months to the main event. Woohoo!



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