An Update

We are under the ten-weeks-to-go mark (or so we’re told), and having the weeks in the single digits (plus some days) makes this feel all the more real and crazy and awesome and bonkers. For whatever reason my brain doesn’t always register the big things in life until they’re thisclose, so suffice it to say, I think I needed to reach this milestone in order to let myself kick it into high gear.

Lil Pal

All things baby are happening over here, even a little party for the teeny one this weekend. It’s beyond exciting and most of my thoughts go back to what life will be like once she’s in the world… and just how that day will go that ends with her being in our world/becoming our entire world.

All in all this pregnancy has been kind to me and I hope that trend continues for the next 9 weeks and 6 days (give or take). I feel pretty great, but am very slowly learning that I can’t do all that I did pre-pregnancy. Or rather, in order for my coworkers not to worry for my safety (or that I may never get back up), I should ask for help instead of crawling under my desk to mess with a loosely connected wire. It’s a time for growth – literally and figuratively – and I am somewhat opposed to change/stubborn as hell, but trying to be better.

I hope to bring more updates here soon, but pregnancy has melted my brain, so it’s possible I’ll forget.


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