Pregnancy (at the moment)…

Pregnancy at the moment is still going well, as for baby girl’s growth and health (i.e., the important things of note), but holy crap the hormones are no joke… today, especially. I’ve laughed, I’ve yelled (in traffic; at the dogs), I’ve felt horribly guilty (for yelling at the dogs), I’ve cried (for yelling at the dogs), and tidied up the house in a grumpy huff (in an effort to help me relax). Needless to say, I can now add tired/full on worn out to my list of feelings for the day.

2015-12-16 19.31.28.jpg

Since the grumpy house tidying didn’t calm my nerves, I made myself breakfast for dinner, plugged in the lights on our Christmas tree, lit my pine scented candle, and turned on Gilmore Girls. My eggs tasted like soap, but the rest was delicious, and now I have a pug sleeping on my belly (and she seems to have forgiven me). I think we will  make it to Thursday after all.




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