Our Greatest Adventure

BabyGrubbsTex and I are so, so excited to announce that we have a little Pal of our own on the way. It still feels surreal, but the bigger my bump gets, the easier it is to believe that this is actually happening.

I’ve been doing my best to enjoy my pregnancy, and so far, I feel like I have. Somehow I am one of the lucky few who avoided morning sickness and was able to skate by with some nausea that was usually cured with a snack. I was incredibly tired my first trimester, which was not surprising.

Now, at seventeen weeks, the nausea has subsided and I’m no longer napping on a daily basis (or feeling the need for an IV of orange Gatorade). I feel much more like myself these days, which makes trying to plan (or attempt to plan) for what lies ahead a little easier.

Also, being at seventeen weeks makes us that much closer to finding out if our little Baby G is boy or a girl! I honestly thought I would have a preference, but to tell the truth, I will be so in love either way. Just knowing that soon we will be able to find out whether it’s our or son or daughter that I’m carrying is seriously the most exciting feeling.

Our little Pal isn’t even here yet, but has already brought us both so much happiness.


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