Window Shopping: Summery + Sustainable

Oh, hey! How are you? It seems I forgot this little blog ever existed. My sincerest apologies.

Let’s see, what all has happened since I left you last? The past couple of months have certainly been chugging along. April brought us a new nephew. May brought us Ryan Adams, a niece, and a super-fun wedding in Virginia Beach. June, which we are smack at the tail-end of, brought us a weekend in Asheville and a certain someone’s 35th birthday to celebrate. Now consider yourself up to speed.

Speaking of June/almost July, I can’t quite believe we’re here, in the full-swing of summer. Georgia is already toasty, save for the past few evenings that have been remarkably cool. All of this heat has had me longing for a some new summery clothing options, but I have yet to bite to bullet and treat myself to any of the pretty little things I’ve had my eye on. However, I thought it might be fun to share a few of these things with you!

More recently I have been trying to stay away from “fast fashion” and am hoping to add better items to my closet. Better in every sense of the word – sturdier, timeless, and sustainable. There are so many brands available these days that not only look great, but are made of better quality and in a more mindful way. So, without further ado, here a my most coveted, sustainable summer items:

Encinitas Red

via Tradlands

Be still my heart. This shirt is classic/perfection. Though a bit out of my price range, I will covet nonetheless. Tradlands carries many beautiful shirts, but this one speaks to me loud + clear.

The Sleeveless Dress - Everlane

 via Everlane

This is the perfect summer dress. Timeless, airy, and looks like it could be easily dressed up or down. Everlane is all about transparency and pretty much nailing the sustainable basics thing, with very little markup. You can see the cost breakdown of each item they sell, as well as how much it would retail for typically. The nerd in me rejoices.

The Sleeveless - Everlane

via Everlane

Another beauty from Everlane. I just can’t get enough!

Flores - Nude

via Elf

The Flores flats from Elf are possibly the sweetest, prettiest flats I have ever seen. And for handmade leather shoes, the price is incredibly fair. They also look insanely comfortable.

Bensimon - Light Khaki

via Shopbob

Need more comfy cute? Meet the Bensimon tennis shoe in light khaki. Casual without being frumpy… can I get an amen? I now pronounce these sneakers the only sneakers I will ever need, from now until eternity.

Shelburne Chambray - Shelter

via Shelter

Lastly, this smallish purse to tie it all together. My daily bag is a tan and navy canvas tote that I love to bits, but sometimes something a little daintier is nice, too.

Ah, and now we’re finished. Did anyone else get a distinct Dawson’s Creek vibe from the items above? I just did and am not ashamed – someone take me to New England, by way of Wilmington, posthaste (please and thank you).

Thank you for window shopping the internet with me. Now you know what takes up (too much) of my brain-space.

Happy Tuesdaying!


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