A {Very Late} Whole30 Wrap-Up



In typical Julie fashion, I failed to ever post my last week of Whole30. I bet some of you thought I didn’t make it out alive. Well, surprise, surprise… both Pal and I made it out alive and well.

As with the first attempt, I was pretty much over it the final week. However, we stuck it out and I may have learned a little more this go round than last time (or I chose to pay closer attention… either way…).

I think sugar is what bothers me most, which isn’t a huge surprise. I’ve also kept a limit on grains, especially corn (and gluten, duh), which I think helps a ton. I’ve also not fallen face first into the overly processed, packaged, gluten-free foods. Keepin’ it real and whole, y’all.

Much to my utter joy, beans and quality dairy haven’t bothered me (hashtag yay). I plan on trying quinoa next week, because I have been craving it like crazy, Mediterranean style, like the good ol’ days. I need a bean-y, quinoa-y salad all up in my life. Also, hummus on everything.

Oh, and there were results! I lost 7 inches overall and 6-7lbs. All water weight, I’m sure, but it was nice to de-puff a bit. 😉

All in all, it was a good experience. What’s not to love about eating nothing but goodness for a month straight? Will I do it again? We’ll see.


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