Whole 30 Days 19-24 + Other Things

Saturdays that involve me leaving the house precisely one time (usually to buy groceries) and showering just to change into fresh pajamas are my favorite. Today was one of those Saturdays. This morning I found myself at the farmers’ market 30 minutes before it even opened (knowing good and well that they wouldn’t let anyone in a minute sooner), and let me tell you, that is a new kind of torture. Being out in the world before 9:00am on a Saturday, and having to just sit in my car and wait, is not my idea of a grand time, but boy was it sweet to have all those aisles mostly to myself.

On an unrelated, but equally exciting note, I got to break out my new spiralizer again this week! I had Monday off and was able to spend the late morning cooking and prepping all I needed to for the week ahead. It was glorious! I love feeling prepared.


I spiralized four zucchini and two Japanese sweet potatoes for spaghetti (vegetti?) and burrito bowls, respectively. I let the zucchini sit in a paper towel lined bowl for a couple of days before I needed to help dry them out a bit before cooking. So much water in those suckers! The sweet potatoes sat for a few days as well, but do not require draining. 😉


On the spiralizing agenda for this, our final week of Whole30? Carrots! More Japanese sweets! I’m pretty pumped about the carrots.

Speaking of weeks, days 19-24 have come/gone and it’s starting to get a little more difficult. I’ve hit the “Why isn’t three weeks enough?” part of Whole30 and am sort of looking forward to the end. Not in a ‘drown myself in pizza and ice cream’ sort of way, but in a less restricted sort of way. Also, Pals have a fun celebration dinner planned for day 31.

Cheers to the final week, you can do it! I know you can!


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