Paleo Cookbook Wishlist

I love cookbooks. I love curling up with one, as if it were a novel, and reading it cover to cover. I love the stories behind the dishes and working up an appetite getting lost in their pictures. Paleo recipes, while typically simpler in nature, are just as fun to get lost in. It took me a while to realize that, that Paleo ingredients can be just as fun and inspiring as the the ingredients was comfortable with and accustomed to. Maybe that’s why so many (myself previously included) are wary of a Paleo lifestyle – it’s uncomfortable at first (as all changes can be), it can be challenging (which makes a newfound favorite recipe that much more delicious), and the simplicity of it can come of as rather boring (but it doesn’t have to be at all).

That being said, I am looking to add to my Paleo cookbook collection down the road. My current go-to books, and the only strictly Paleo cookbooks I own, are Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans and Against All Grain. They have been huge helps in the kitchen and I enjoy them both very much, but being a bit of a cookbookworm has me craving more. Yes, Pinterest is an amazing resource and will work for now, but there’s not much better than flipping through a pretty new collection of recipes and bookmarking all the delectable things I want to recreate.

Here are a few I’ve got my eye on:


Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple – Keeping things simple is a big win in my book and since I already am in love with one of her cookbooks, I feel confident that this one will be awesome as well. Also, she made the Amazon top list in food books for 2014!


The Paleo Kitchen – A Paleo cookbook on the New York Times Bestseller list? Sold. And let’s be real, those pancakes on the front are going to happen post Whole30 (or 45, or 60).


Practical Paleo – Another Paleo NYT Bestseller! Paleo, for the win!

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Well Fed & Well Fed 2 – I have only made Melissa’s recipe for ketchup, but it lived up to the hype. I am excited to see what else she has in store!

What are your favorite resources for Paleo and Whole30 recipes?


3 thoughts on “Paleo Cookbook Wishlist

  1. My husband gave me Well Fed 2, Nom Nom Paleo, Against all Grains, and Practical Paleo for Christmas. I wanted to go through them one by one and started with Well Fed 2, been very happy with the recipes. I recently switched to Nom Nom Paleo, will try some of those recipes this week.

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