Whole30 Inspiration

My second Whole30 will begin January 1. I’m pretty excited to give it another go – I now know what to expect and what I’d like to do differently. Further, in effort to keep me motivated, I’ve already begun planning menus and pinning lots of new drool-worthy recipes to keep me from feeling burnt out by week 3.

1. Kickass Ketchup via The Clothes Make the Girl. I must admit that I never really outgrew my deep love for ketchup that I had as a child. Hamburgers and french fries, of course they’re bettered by ketchup. But have you ever tried upping your pot roast game with a little tomatoey dipping sauce? The meat, potatoes, carrots… They are begging for some ketchup love. Last go ’round I didn’t make my own and regretted it immensely.

2. Paleo Sliders via Food Republic. These little cuties will go perfect with my homemade ketchup. The little sweet potato buns look promising, too.

3. Hamburger Soup via The Pioneer Woman. This soup looks like the perfect Sunday soup, especially in chilly January. Also, it’s really versatile and the veggies and spices can be switched up each time you make it.

4. Monkey Salad via Good Cheap Eats. With a little coconut butter or almond butter, this might just work for breakfast; because I know for a fact 4 weeks of eggs aren’t happening.

What are your favorite Paleo and Whole30 recipes? Share with me your knowledge, friends!


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