Cue the Ukuleles

Things have been happening over here, but I have had no motivation to post such things.

The Grubbs made their way to Oahu for their belated honeymoon/first anniversary trip and it was straight up magic. We had the best time, I tell you. I’m still playing the trip on a loop in my brain space.


This trip could not have been better. Lounging, exploring, attempting to sleep past 5am and stay awake past 9pm. I wouldn’t have changed a thing (except maybe losing one of Tex’s sandals on day 4.)



The weather was perfect every single day. It started to sprinkle in Hanuama Bay – but getting rained on in the ocean is pretty dang cool.



Also, a sea turtle at sunset. We stopped by Turtle Beach earlier in the day and it was void of its namesake. Pals were bummed. On a whim we stopped back by on our way home and were treated to not only a giant sea turtle (I believe his name was Bruce) and a beautiful North Shore sunset. It felt like winning the nature/scenery lottery.


Lump this in with scenery lotteries and whatnot, also when do I get to start calling him Ol’ Blue Eyes? Almost too handsome, that Pal.




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