Whipped Coconut Cream + A Week 2 Update!

Though paleo-fied desserts are definitely not promoted during Whole30, sometimes I want to feel like I’m indulging, even if the whole bowl of amazing I’m downing is 100% good for me. I didn’t make paleo cookies or a paleo cupcake. I didn’t even make banana ‘ice cream’. See, those are big no-nos for me right now, despite how much I want them and despite the fact that I spent an unmentionable amount of time thinking of Gluten-Free Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies in church this morning.



What I did do was take refrigerated a can of coconut milk, remove the liquid, and whip the cream into a dreamy oblivion.


IMG_4462Then I served it over fresh berries and patted myself on the back. The sweetness of the berries was enough to not miss any sugar in the whipped cream. Also, with all the good, rich fats from the coconut I was blissfully satisfied after my last bite. Had this been whipped cream of the aerosol variety, I would have probably gone back for thirds.

As for my Whole30, I’m past the halfway point! And coconut whipped cream might give me the strength to carry on! I kid, mostly. Week two was more or less a breeze. There was a day where I wanted chocolate so bad I could have screamed, and another day where I actually heard Swedish Fish calling my name, but alas, I haven’t caved. Honestly, the hardest part of this week was my meal planning. By Saturday afternoon I had a good list together that I am excited about, but I had to force myself to be creative in order not to suffer through the week eating mundane foods. I haven’t had the “I’m missing out” feeling I’ve been dreading, either. I’ve been so content with being well-rested and not bloated that the things I’m not drinking /eating have not been much of a temptation.


Whipped Coconut Cream (Original recipe from Oh She Glows)

Ingredients: 1 can full-fat coconut milk (Do not use light! The consistency will be off.)

Refrigerate coconut milk for several hours or overnight.

Chill the bowl you’ll be using (glass or stainless steel) in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Remove coconut milk and flip can upside down (try not to jostle too much!)

Open can and remove liquid from the top. You can use the extra in smoothies or for cooking.

Either with a stand mixer or hand-mixer whip the coconut cream until fluffy. It will be a little thicker than traditional whipped cream.

If not on Whole30, a bit of vanilla or sugar would be tasty!

Makes 3-4 servings.



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