Whole30: Week 1 in Review!

Photo Aug 09, 1 25 58 PM

The first week plus some has come and gone during my Whole30. Parts of it have felt fairly quick other parts have dragged. To be expected, I suppose.

Pal suggested I keep a daily journal of my dietary goings on and its effects. So I did!

  • Days 1-3: Feeling great, high energy, sleeping well. I even got less sleep one of the nights and remained energetic the following day. I was surprised (and pleased!).
  • Day 4: MY HIVES ARE GONE! I’ve had hives from the last episode that had been lingering on my left ring finger. I’m sure wearing my rings didn’t help the situation, but despite wearing them less frequently and being mindful of the hives, there was no relief. Also, due to all the treats we indulged in while we were in Austin, my finger looked pretty bad the first day Whole30 began. I’m officially a believer! Whole30, let’s be friends.
  • Day 5: Carb and sugar cravings are pretty intense, but somehow easier to ignore. No blood sugar crash.
  • Days 6+7: So very tired, especially on Day 7 (which is right on par with their timeline). I could have slept on the floor, in the middle of the office. I kid you not. Also, blood sugar was a bit wonky. A tired Julie is a hungry Julie.
  • Day 8: All the energy that was sapped from me the previous two days came back. Life is good  again and I am happy to be over the slump (so happy I danced, more than once)! Also, the incessant dreaming about all the foods I can’t have finally stopped, hopefully for good One night I dreamt I was eating boxed mashed potatoes and  another night there wasa moral struggle over drinking a Diet Coke. Yikes.

Overall, it’s been alright. I’ve noticed that my mood has been lighter, my mind has been clearer, and while it hasn’t always been easy, the pros have outweighed the cons greatly and that will help keep me going.

Now it’s day nine and I’m feeling fine… I am off to finish meal planning for the week. One of my main goals is to keep from getting bored with the foods I eat. If my tummy’s happy, I’m happy. For anyone else out there Whole30-ing… keep on keepin’ on! It’s your month, you can do it!


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