Trader Joe’s on a Friday

I love Trader Joe’s. There’s a special soft spot in my heart for the TJ’s. Maybe it’s because where I shopped when I first learned how to cook, or predominately where I shopped when Pal and I first moved in together. A grocery store had never seemed so exciting before, with so many treasures to find! Delicious treats abound at the TJ’s. Sadly, there is not one super close to our house. While there is one near the office, it’s really hard to spend your lunch break grocery shopping.

However, today I got to go for work. Not during that precious lunch hour, not when the rest of the city gets off and flocks to pick up dinner, but right smack in the middle of the afternoon. On Fridays at the office we have a little themed happy hour. Last week was ‘Build-Your-Own Grilled Cheese’, this week was “The Best Of Trader Joe’s”. We really run the gamut around here. Needless to say, I was thrilled to peruse the aisles for a bit. I even managed to pick up some Whole30 approved nut butters and fruit. I’m normally not a huge fan of their produce, but the apples today were spot on.

Even though I couldn’t partake in all the treats I bought (Joe Joe’s and Cookie Butter, I am looking at you), it was treat enough just to go. Added bonus, my shoes matched the shopping cart. That should have awarded me an extra snack or two, had anyone but myself noticed.


Photo Aug 08, 7 06 10 PM


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