On Getting Up Early



Us Grubbs, we get up earlier than necessary (except on Sundays. On Sundays there is a gravitational pull to the bed that makes it something of a miracle to get to church on time. What is with that?). Pal has always been an early riser, but me not so much. Once I learned that, while I do not require much time to actually get ready, I am a much nicer person if I can start my day slowly and started to make an effort to give myself some time to do just that.

In our house a snooze button wouldn’t do anyone any good since the second the alarm goes off Elizabeth also goes off. Little whines and rustling, with a healthy dose of tail wagging against the wall. That blonde baby knows when it is time to eat and doesn’t have a second to spare otherwise.

We shuffle into the kitchen, Queen Elizabeef and I,  begrudgingly flipping on the light, resulting in us sleepily staring at each other with just one eye open while I fumble with the food container and dish out their portions. This let’s Lola know that it’s the magical eating hour and  she immediately morphs into a furious Pugnado, yipping and spinning in her crate, literally bouncing of the walls. I go to let her out, food scoop still in hand, and within a second she is smashed face-deep in her bowl. Moments later the food is gone, pups are outside, I fill the kettle, and sit on the couch to catch my breath (and scroll through Instagram).

By the time the kettle starts to whistle the furry ones are pawing at the back door to come in. I oblige, steep my tea and make my way back to the couch. By this time I am marginally coherent and it’s in my best interest as Lola is now at full speed. Pre-Lola I gave myself an extra half hour to sleep, but since she is still crate trained, I wanted to give her ample playtime before we left for work. The things you do for the ones you love.

With ten minutes or so left before it’s time to get in the shower I catch up on the blogs I read, play a word with a friend, and I feel like a functioning human by the time I wash my hair. It’s really a grand thing.

Post-shower I still have a minute or two to dawdle: start breakfast, pack our lunches, throw a squeaky ball down the hallway, see what has happened on Twitter since the night before. Waking up is hard.

Speaking of breakfast, have I shared my love that are sweet potato hash browns? Holy heavens above, top with two over easy eggs and it’s flat-out dreamy. If you’re feeling super fancy, throw some avocado in the mix. You might not be hungry until dinner. Whole30 or not, these are a new staple in our house.

There you have it. A morning routine for us slow pokes that want to be morning people, but can’t quite really be morning people without some gentle coaxing.


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