Adios, Weekend!

Photo Aug 03, 7 09 26 PM

Another summer weekend comes to a close, and I have to say, this one was rather nice. Friday night was spent at home catching up from being in Austin for a couple days. Meal planning, tv watching, all-together not a far cry from any other Friday. We were just sleepier. Friday was also Day 1 of Whole30! It came and went like a breeze. Pals were a little snacky that night and when Tex went for the homemade popcorn I decided to toast a bit of coconut and almonds in coconut oil with a sprinkle of kosher salt and cinnamon. A touch sweet and fixed my snack craving right up.

Saturday night we celebrated a city’s birthday with some friends over some fireworks. It was lovely! Snacks, music, and most certainly the fireworks show of the summer. We also got to play with babies! Incredibly cute babies, to be precise.

Today was nice and slow, complete with a little back porch reading, iced tea making, pug snuggling, and a delicious dinner of pork chops and crash hot potatoes (my new favorite thing ever).

Photo Aug 03, 5 05 03 PM

Photo Aug 03, 5 28 53 PMDon’t worry, Elizabeth got lots of pets and kisses, too.

See ya later, weekend! Monday, I think I can handle you.


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