Let’s Whole30!

Are you ready for this? If your face looks anything like the above, my guess is no (also what Pal’s face looked like when I asked him to join me. Needless to say, I’ve recruited others). Getting to the point – I’m starting Whole30 this Friday, August 1st! What is Whole30 you ask? It’s 30 days of whole goodness. Nothing processed, no added sugars, no fake sugars, no dairy, no grains (gluten or otherwise), no legumes, no alcohol, no harmful additives. It’s supposed to heal what ails you and I am going all in and expecting the best.

If you’ve read here before, I’m guessing you’re somewhat tuned in to my weird outbreaks and jumble of symptoms that are on their way to becoming Hashimoto’s thyroidits. If you are new here, these symptoms are what have prompted me to take this on.

See, I’ve been feeling a lot like this:


And a little like this:


In addition to the fatigue, there are hives, eczema, brain fog, mood swings, hair loss, and the list goes on and on and on. However, I’m not yet considered diagnosable and have been told to sit and wait. Uh, no thanks.

After a less-than-stellar endocrinologist appointment, I decided to go back to being gluten free am try to live a more paleo lifestyle. It hasn’t been easy and I haven’t been perfect, so i picked up It Starts With Food and decided to educate myself further. Personally, I need more of the why to keep myself motivated. Knowing how certain foods might be damaging me makes it a whole lot easy to turn them down.

I’ve read several success stories from people who have healed their Hashimoto’s after completing a Whole30. Getting all the junk out of your system allows your gut to heal and stop attacking your thyroid. Hashimoto’s sufferers are not the only people who can benefit from this lifestyle. Inflammation comes in numerous forms and Whole30 can be an amazing starting point for reversing many ills.

I’m excited, and a little nervous, to start this thing, but at least I know it can’t hurt. I also have a few people joining me on this journey and having a support system will definitely be important.

So, here’s to 30 days of healing and getting me back to feeling like this:


Want more info? Visit Whole30.com for more info and inspiration!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Whole30!

  1. I looked up Whole30 last night. I pray for strength and healing as you take this on! I totally understand why you are doing this and YOU CAN DO IT! Can’t wait to see the results!

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