Paleo Fails: A Lesson in Reality

Pancakes! I love, love pancakes. There is a special place in my heart for pancakes. I have been without pancakes as of late, even more so than before since I’ve been avoiding grains in all as much as possible. So, when I stumbled across a paleo pumpkin pancake recipe this week, I was all over it. When I looked at the recipe, it occurred to me how crazy simple it was. Too simple? Nah, surely there is some magic in combing eggs, cinnamon, and pumpkin puree.

Photo Jul 20, 3 43 59 PMNot a chance. Allow me to present unto you pumpkin flavored scrambled eggs (with an essence of cinnamon). There isn’t enough maple syrup to save this disaster. Also, the portions are for that of a small child with little to no appetite. I took two bites and chucked the rest in the trash. I could only fool myself for a moment. Not to mention that they looked terrible – the batter burnt against my cast iron skillet (the recommended cooking vessel) and did not want to come out of there in one piece. This resulted in me eating cashews and dried cranberries during church. Whoops.

In addition to this paleo flop, my zucchini fritters were much of the same. Despite following the recipe word for word (and draining my squash as much as possible), I ended up with a bowl of grated mush that refused to brown and was slightly gritty from the coconut flour. I would love to know just where I went so terribly wrong.

I feel like I have gotten a pretty good handle on this whole cooking game, but paleo cooking can humble the best of us. There is still hope, though! In addition to my continuing love affair with Nom Nom Paleo, a dear friend gifted to me Against All Grain, which was next on my list. Danielle has some amazing looking recipes in here. I’ll be making her Allergy Friendly Breakfast Cookies this week, which is bound to be leagues above whatever it was I made this morning.

The moral of this story? Calling something a pancake when it is, in fact, not a pancake, doesn’t make it any more of a pancake. Same goes with calling something a cookie, when it’s really just a ground up grain-free granola bar that happens to be circular. Wolf in sheep’s clothing, or something to that effect.



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