Things I’m Loving Lately

Hi there and Happy Monday! It’s not always easy to come back from a holiday weekend, but thus, here we are. 😉 I thought I’d share a few things I’ve been loving lately, because I am just certain the world is dying to know what I am into. image  

  • First and foremost – the A Beautiful Mess app. I downloaded it a few weeks ago and have been having way too much fun with my photos. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen them. It’s the most customizable and aesthetically pleasing collage app I have come across. Lot’s of options to choose from, and an added bonus, it’s Instagram compatible. Hooray!
  • Second – our new patio table! It’s perfect for dining, backyard blogging, and general summertime enjoyment. It’s a drop-leaf table, so the sides can be set up to allow for more people. It’s made our backyard the place to be as of late.
  • Third – (this might be the coolest) – my new sandals courtesy of Accompany! A favorite blogger of mine, Natalie Holbrook of Hey Natalie Jean, hosted a giveaway via Instagram, and by pure luck, I was chosen as the winner. The sandals are beautiful and artisan crafted from Greece. All of the items that Accompany sells are handmade, fair trade, and a percentage of the profits are given to charity (amongst other community outreach efforts). Read more about all they do here.
  • Fourth – all things Nom Nom Paleo – I have mentioned her a lot lately, but I really can’t get enough. The cookbook continues to impress me, as well as any recipes I have found on her site. It’s given me a new outlook as to how I need to eat and hasn’t made me feel limited. As with most people, learning I need to cut out so many foods initially made me feel like I’d be missing out. Finding new inspiration has helped me realize I am not missing out and that there is a whole lot of delicious concoctions out there for me to get my hands on.

I guess that is it for a Monday. I hope you had a fun and relaxing holiday!


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