Lighting Workshop with Ritchie White

Last weekend I drove to Columbus to attend a lighting workshop my brother-in-law, Ritchie White, will soon offer through his studio. Let it be known that Ritchie has an absolute gift when it comes to photography and is crazy talented. It was a complete honor to be asked to participate, as I have wanted to find a way to siphon off a bit of his skill for years. 🙂

We started the day going over some basics – camera functionality, aperture settings, shutter speed, and even peeked inside his camera bags to see what gear he finds essential… Then we took it outside.

Ritchie gave us a rundown on natural light, where your subject should be to make the most of the lighting you have, and explained a bit about exposure. After we learned a few tricks of the trade, he set us up to take photos of Kelsey and Savannah, his models for the day.


We played around with shadows and learned a lot about making the most of what’s around to add more or less light in a photo. After we took several shots of both girls we headed back inside to look through some of Ritchie’s shots discus what we’d done and ask questions if we had any.

Ritchie then went over shooting with natural light indoors and taught us a bit about external flash, reflectors, windows, and other sources to add light to your images. He also broke down for us where your equipment needs to be and how to use a subject’s eyes to determine where a source was, which I found super helpful.

We stayed in the studio for a bit and practiced shooting in several different scenarios, playing with reflectors, mirrors, and different backdrops.IMG_4107copy




For our last project, Ritchie took us to the downtown area of Columbus to teach us more about using reflectors outside. We got some great shots and the girls were such troopers in the heat!






I really feel like I learned a lot and am so happy I took the class. Ritchie is an incredible teacher and there is never a dull moment! Keep your eyes peeled for class announcements coming soon. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday  – I highly recommend it.



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