Back to the Drawing Board

**This post is brought to you by my current battle with hives and should be sponsored by Benadryl, but isn’t.**

Eating perfectly is probably impossible, at least for this girl. You try your best, read all blogs and cookbooks, and it still doesn’t always come easy. Truth be told, eating habits probably aren’t always perfect behind all the blogs and cookbooks, though it’s not necessarily easy to remember that.

Two years ago and went through several bouts of allergic reactions and never really figured out why. Eventually I cut out what I thought were the offenders and also eliminated gluten. A year and a half later I was pretty over being permanently gluten-free and added it back into my diet. With the addition of gluten came more processed foods than I’d had in a long time. There were no immediate reactions and I’ve been eating it fairly regular. All’s been well.

Sunday night Pal and I made grilled mahi with mango salsa and mashed edamame. I woke up the next morning with itchy lips, eyes, and the beginnings of hives on my left ring finger. Throughout the day I could feel it getting worse and by Tuesday morning I was a full-out mess. Swollen face, eyes, lips, and covered in hives. Just like old times…hooray. I looked up allergic reactions for all the foods I ate and mango seemed most likely. Turns out the skin on mangoes contains the same poison as poison ivy, oak, and sumac. I’ve never reacted that strongly to poison ivy, but people change and so do their body chemistries… so I’ll temporarily add it to my list.

I’ve made it to day four and am starting to look a little better (day 3 was the worst, in case you were curious). I’ve been on a steady dose of Benadryl and am glad today is the last day (Doctor’s orders). I’d had such a good long stretch without this mess that I had begun to think it was all a bad dream. With the reemergence of whatever this is, I’ve been reading more and more about my symptoms and delayed allergic reactions. It has me wondering if it’s really an allergy or more of an autoimmune/inflammation issue. I’ve had a few other small issues over the past several months that could all be tied together if it’s the latter. With autoimmune and inflammation issues, toxic substances (certain foods preservatives, sugar, etc.) can build up over time and come out in many forms, including hives and swelling.

I have an appointment with a new allergist next week in hopes to sort all this out. What I know I can do is start cleaning up my diet. Processed, packaged foods are so convenient and rather tasty, but the risks outweigh the benefits in so many ways. While I don’t plan on perfection, I know I can do a lot better (and have a supportive Pal who will try anything I make… at least once).

In the meantime I’ve found some new cookbooks I’d like to get my hands to keep me inspired and my eats healthy.









If you’ve read any of these please let me know! I’d love to know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Back to the Drawing Board

  1. Have you ever tried the CLEAN program? It’s by the same doctor that wrote clean eats. It’s an elimination diet where you can slowly add in foods. My sister has a ton of food allergies and she really loved the program. I tried it but it was pretty intense and I wasn’t successful. It’s pricey but she raves about it. Something else you may want to look into is a book called It Starts With Food and is about the Whole30. I’ve heard it’s GREAT for people with lots of food sensitivities and/or allergies. I’m working through that book now.

    • I really want to read It Starts With Food. I’ve been meaning to download it. After I met with an allergist, she recommended I see an endocrinologist. It seems to be more a problem with my thyroid than allergies, but so many foods aggravate autoimmune hypothyroid symptoms, so it is tricky to navigate. While it may not be an actual allergy, food affects me greatly. Thank you for the tips, I want to get my hands on more of these books! Good luck to you as well! I hope the program works for you.

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