Quitting Sugar: Weeks 2 + 3

No news is good news, right? I wholeheartedly planned on recapping my second week sans sugar last week, but the days (and time and energy) got away from me. Regardless, another two weeks are under my belt and I’m feeling good!


I managed through the suggested two weeks without fruit and happily added that back in my diet last week. Not too much, but here and there. A fruit-free life is a boring one, friends.

Overall, I’ve not really missed the sugar. It’s not like I’d truly been overboard with it in the first place, but I had felt like treats were increasing in frequency and veggies had started to take a backseat to other foods. Two weeks without fruit was tough, but not impossible. I would love to dive face first in a toasted marshmallow milkshake… but who wouldn’t?

I’ll be back this weekend with a food prep post. It took me a long time to come around to the idea, but now that I’m making it a more frequent habit, I love it! Anything to save time during the week is a good thing, mark my words. 😉


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