Quitting Sugar: Week 1

I gave up sugar for Lent, I did indeed. This marks my first ever Lenten experience and I went with a biggie. I like to set my sights high (and sometimes borderline unrealistic), but I knew this was for the best.

No sugar

image via thefoundrychicago.com

My interest on this topic was piqued about a year ago when a blog I follow mentioned having read and benefited greatly from Sarah Wilson’s book, I Quit SugarI liked what I read and toyed with the idea for some time, then forgot about it. Something about quitting sugar shook me to my core. It seemed unfathomable, lonely, and terribly boring. I felt I’d be setting myself up for immediate failure. But lo, with the first mentions of Lent in church my mind went right back to this idea of quitting sugar. So back to Sarah’s blog I went and after answering ‘yes’ to 6 (maybe 7) of her 8 reasons for quitting  I downloaded a copy of her book, read it in a day, and was ready to begin yet another dietary journey.

The first week was HARD and the book does not try to deny otherwise. I felt like I was coming down with something – exhaustion, body aches, joint aches, foggy brain. I googled the symptoms of sugar withdrawal and, as it turns out, they are similar to the flu. It could have been a bug or it could have been my body detoxing. I have no idea. Come Sunday, or day 5, I began to feel like a new person. I wasn’t craving sugar and my energy level was way up. I also didn’t snack, which is out of character for me.

Through Wednesday it was smooth sailing, but Thursday was something else entirely. I was tired and I have yet to learn how to handle tired well. I could not stop eating. Chips, so many chips. I tried to satisfy my unyielding appetite, but nothing worked. I wanted sugar, but didn’t cave. I can’t say that the overly processed Doritos I lost myself were really any better than a sugary treat, or all that satisfying in the end. But, I didn’t quit and that says something, I think.

After some much-needed rest, I am feeling back to normal today. To be completely honest, I thought this would be a lot more difficult than it has been and that gives me hope for the weeks ahead.


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