Palentine’s Day 2014

Around here February 14th is more commonly known as Palentine’s Day, because he’s Pal (and I’m also Pal). It’s only a little confusing… Moving on.


The two days leading up to this year’s Palentine’s Day have been a snowy, icy mess and we haven’t left the house. Between working from home and babysitting the cutest pug on the planet, I managed to get a jumpstart on my Palentine’s Day treats and whipped up a flourless chocolate and peanut butter cake (that will later be topped with a chocolate-banana gelato… #savemefrommyself).Image


This cake is blissfully easy and quick to throw together. I modified this recipe slightly by subbing peanut butter for Nutella and using a tart pan to bake in instead of ramekins or a springform pan. The baking time remained the same, approximately 45 minutes. 



In addition to our cake, I also found time to make my Pal his annual Palentine’s card (construction paper, stickers, glitter, glue… the works). I’d show you a picture, but it’s still sort of being kept secret from the mister. 


Queen Elizabeef can’t quite make up her mind about Lola the pug. I think she likes her, but it’s tough being an only child sometimes. 


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