Snow Day… or Something Like It

Snow days in Georgia are something to ponder, are they not? Sure the schools get closed a day or two out of the year, but what we like to call real snow days (or a snowpocalypse), they come once every three years or so and shut the whole dang city down. Around noon today the snow started falling and hasn’t stopped, as far as I’m aware. The steady rate with which it fell and the dropping temperatures sent Atlanta into a tizzy, and fast. I was skeptical at first, until an hour or so later it was clear that the driveway into our office building had already iced over on one side. Traffic very quickly backed up and the gridlocked cars looked as bad, if not worse, than driving over a little ice.


We waited out as best we could, but by 5pm we knew it was now or never (at least for the Beefs’ sake). We made it back to our hood (a little over 8 miles) in an hour and a half… and we were lucky. I’ve already heard reports of coworkers sitting in traffic for over 5 hours and walking miles in the snow (after having left a car behind). Needless to say, it’s nasty out there. Yes, so many other regions have seen far worse than our meager couple of inches, but we are seemingly always ill-prepared. And for something that happens once every few years or so, how prepared can we be?


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