A Letter to 2013

Dear 2013,

I meant to tell the world how much you how much you meant to me weeks ago, but it kept slipping my mind. That being said, it’s never too late to be grateful, right?

2013, you were just what I needed. What’s more is, you didn’t start off that way. Or, I didn’t know to trust you yet. I wasn’t in my best place at the beginning of the year – anxious, deeply unhappy with my job and feeling a little lost. It didn’t feel appropriate to complain because, I had a job, with benefits, and it gave me what I needed to meet my basic needs. I felt that should have been enough to keep me happy, but that wasn’t the case. It was a job I wasn’t very good at with a company that wasn’t a good fit for me, and after a week-long business trip to Florida, I knew it was a job that would leave me running in circles forever. A week after the business trip I had an interview at a company that was perfect for me and fell in love with the job before it was even mine. It would have been something of a heartbreak if I hadn’t received an offer. Everyone I saw milling about the office was happy. I had forgotten people could go to work and actually like it… really, really like it. Needless to say, I did receive an offer. Before my new job began, I was able to take a week off and meet my newest nephew. Things were starting to fall into place and I could feel it. The ease and happiness the new job brought me would have been enough to keep me happy throughout the rest of the year, and it was only February. But 2013, you had even more goodness in store for me…oh yes you did.

In May, Pal orchestrated the surprise of a lifetime for me and proposed by way of scavenger hunt. It was perfect. A few clues, delivered by friends (and one stranger), led me to a candlelit path, a heart-shaped pile of rose petals, and my pal waiting for me behind a tree. My heart melts to think of it all. We celebrated as a group at an incredible restaurant nearby and had the most perfect night.


Six short months later, we were getting married. I may have had bronchitis and only a whisper of a voice, but our day had come. Husband and Wife. A beautiful room filled with candles, flowers, our family and friends (with a picture by the tree where he popped the question). I could not have asked for more. He looked so handsome and I had my perfect dress. We danced all night long, with a short break for the most delicious, gorgeous cake I had ever seen.

Cooper and Co Photography

Cooper and Co Photography

Cooper and Co Photography

2013, though I spent the last few days of you recovering from the flu, the week before that we were in Dallas with our Grubbs side of the family. It was splendid, as it always is when we’re there. Laid back, fun, an all-around good time. Even when we were couch-bound, coughing, and feverish from the aforementioned flu, I knew it could have been worse – we were in good hands, that was for sure.

Even though you’re already a few weeks behind us, 2013, you will forever be one of my favorite years. Thank you for being so giving and bright.




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