Beets + The Beefs

Today, for the first time, I went to Whole Foods to shop. Not to pick up a salad, drool over the desserts, or bide my time with a coffee cozied up in a booth. I went as a grocery shopper; armed with my reusable bags, a list, and maybe slightly inflated expectations. I knew good and well that I wouldn’t be buying the entire week’s worth of food there, but I wanted to check some things out, compare prices, etc. I managed to cross a few things off my list, mostly from the bulk section: organic rolled oats, organic long grain brown rice, and a variety of organic nuts. There were a couple other items in my basket, but most importantly, a couple of cans of these puppies:


Canned beets! What, you’re not excited to see these? No roasting, peeling, slicing, or pink-stained hands. Get excited. Though, not organic, they are non-GMO, which is certainly an improvement. 

I tossed the beets in a salad with toasted walnuts, baby arugula and a garlic vinaigrette, with a side of wild rice with beans, kale, and a thai chili sauce. 


In other exciting news, we hung up our brand new, one of a kind, Mike Marrone original… of none other than Queen Elizabeef herself.


Right above the TV, where the queen can watch over us always. 


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