Stop Eating Chemicals: A Lesson to Myself and Others


I’ve been under the impression that I am a fairly healthy eater. 

Well, the hives on my face have informed me that I am wrong. Seeing that they appeared not long after I ate a handful of stale, store-brand, chemical (and no doubt gmo) filled tortilla chips, my blame will lie there. 

Normally I wouldn’t have even eaten tortilla chips such as these, but I was starving, I had hours until dinner, and the snack selection at work was pretty much nil. So I caved and now I am paying for it. 

My point? I need to cut out the junk. I do pretty well, but seeing that I am human, sometimes it’s not easy to eat perfectly. But, failing to prepare is preparing to fail and all that. Tuesday, the day of great tortilla chip catastrophe, I forgot my afternoon snack and, much like a child, snacks are a must around here. I caved and the rest is history.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am one to indulge in the packaged and processed foods that we all know and love. Do chips and candy not call to you like a siren song when you walk in a grocery store? Do the cereals not stare at you all sultry-like? No, just me?

Well, shoot.

While these indulgences are few and far between, they have begun to seem less and less worth it as the reactions become more and more immediate. I felt similarly after Thanksgiving, even though I thought we had done a great job making the meal Julie-friendly. 

So, I leave you with this – read the ingredients / if you don’t recognize it, don’t eat it. (Seems like a big ‘duh’ to me now.) Oh, and just because a label boasts gluten-free or dairy-free ingredients, it doesn’t mean it’s ok or that you should be putting it in your mouth (another ‘duh’.)

The end.

P.S. Those of you out there who can live happily ever after on french fries and hamburgers, I envy you. Just a little. 

P.P.S. Benadryl-induced sleep is the best.


2 thoughts on “Stop Eating Chemicals: A Lesson to Myself and Others

  1. so sorry to hear you are still having troubles with food allergies. and although I don’t suffer from them, I do notice when I fall back to not eating clean, I pay for it by feeling like crap! Hang in there sweetie. Love you, Neno.

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