In Which I Want to Throw Out All My Clothes

Get ready for another post chock full of pure depth and life-altering meaning.

Topic: My closet and how dang bored I am with it.

I know, I know… “But Julie, you’re getting married in 12 days and get to wear the most amazing dress you’ll ever wear in your life…and YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED, stop worrying about frivolous nonsense.” (My conscious really drones on.)

Yeah, well, I still have to get dressed in the morning.

I may be exaggerating here (alright, I am), but nearly every article of clothing I own feels tired. Getting ready in the morning has become one giant eye roll after another. Maybe I’m the one that’s tired and I am projecting my exhaustion into my closet? Maybe nothing I own compares to that ivory beauty of a wedding dress and I subconsciously feel the need to upgrade it all? (What do you know, it did get deep there for a second.) Whatever my reasoning, it’s not logical, though I wish like the dickens it were. Because logic – logic just might let me go shopping.

Instead, I would like to suggest to the universe that for every article of clothing I get rid of, I receive a more desirable item to take its place. I tossed at least three pairs of shoes this weekend and could easily find several other items to toss, so…


This sequined fox sweater feels like an appropriate place to start, right?


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