Utterly Nonsensical



While I would love to put something worthwhile on this sorely neglected blog of mine, all I can think of are wedding errands (there are about a million to take care of this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited), Hunter rain boots (in Dark Ruby, Violet, or Graphite), and deep cleaning my house like a madwoman. I am downright scatterbrained these days. See the above image – heartwarming, yet ill-placed, no?

The Sentner-Grubbs Wedding has taken over my life, as expected, and it has consumed roughly 87% of my brain space and 40% of my living space (No complaints here, just cold-hard facts). But lo, tomorrow marks the two week countdown and then POOF, life will be back to normal (besides the fact that I will have a brand new last name and will be married to the dreamiest dreamboat on the planet).

And another thing – picking a new email address? HARD. While I am all too giddy to retire my maiden name, it has allowed me to pick an email handle with ease. As far as I am aware, there is one other Julie with my maiden name on this planet and lives in England.  How many Julie Grubbs are out there?  I have no way of knowing, but they all have my top 5 or 6 top picks for my new email address and I am not pleased. Ladies, please, do me a solid and handover one of those juliegrubbs or julie.grubbs, okay?



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