Scenes From a Monday

There are many ways I considered starting this post – most of which might bore you to tears and result in you not seeing the next few paragraphs through.

Today is Labor Day and Pals are off work. Our A/C is still on vacation, but should be back in commission sometime tomorrow (fingers crossed, anyway). While Saturday and Sunday were a bit too warm for my taste, the rain that came in yesterday afternoon and stayed well into this morning helped keep this little house quite comfortable today.

Queen Elizabeef, on the other hand, did not have the same happy outlook on the rain this morning. Her little dog brain refused to accept that the drizzle outside should keep her inside and she sat next to the back door in utter protest.


My morning crept slowly on. I cleaned a bit here and there, compared and contrasted whipped cream in my coffee v. a giant marshmallow (whipped cream all the way), and caught up on Grey’s while finally getting some Thank You notes written and addressed.


Lunch was a delightful rerun of last night’s avocado pasta with garlic bread. Over the weekend I stumbled across Udi’s Gluten-Free French Bread loaves and oh, they are so worth it. Added bonus, one serving is half a dang loaf. That is a generous portion, friends. Pals lounged on the couch, still in PJs, and watched more of The IT Crowd while inhaling  enjoying our plate o’carbs.



The afternoon included some guestroom tidying, blog reading, Elizabeth walking (and a close call with a pine cone and a nearly sprained ankle – the jury’s still out on what soreness is to come), and a little bit of me fiddling with my camera.


It’s been a good day and I am feeling overwhelmingly blessed by it all. My little home and the two I share it with? I tell you what, it’s the stuff of dreams.


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