On a Failed A/C and Such


Oh, hey there broken A/C. I do not remember inviting you to this little three day weekend of ours. To be honest, I am fairly certain you are on the ‘do not come around here’ list… no exceptions.

Welp, regardless of my guest list (or anti-guest list), the broken A/C is here in the Grubbs-Sentner household and is surely crashing the party. It. Is. Hot. (And muggy, oh so very muggy). The entire house looks tired – and not just the Pals and the Beefs. From my plates to my mail to my laundry, every piece of this home looks a little deflated and a tad exhausted.

Pals are biding their time by laying on the couch and trying to catch some relief with windows open and fans on (and let’s not forget the Fudgscicles and reruns of The IT Crowd – those are helping quite a bit).

That old A/C of ours, she’ll be fixed soon, but not this holiday weekend. (This here, is the one and only downside to most of America having an extra day off). I can only imagine our soon-to-be repairman is at a nearby lake, splashing around in the wake and feeling nothing but pure joy and refreshment. Me, on the other hand, I actually think I might be melting.


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