Happy Labor Day!

I’ve been bingeing on my favorite bloggers’ archives this week. Nat the Fat Rat in particular. It’s like a mini NYC vacation for my brain, and I don’t see my brain coming back any time soon.

Our Labor Day Weekend 5 years ago - MoMA, NYC

Our Labor Day Weekend 5 years ago – MoMA, NYC

As I believe I may have mentioned far too many times, long weekends make me positively giddy. We’ve got nowhere to be (and no wedding planning that I can think of), but hopefully there will be a small adventure or two. That is, if the ridiculous Georgia weather holds up and doesn’t storm all weekend. On the flip side, too many movies and a weekend in jammies doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Other than that, my Friday will consist of a lengthy gym trip (I’m looking at you Shortbread Nutella squares). and trying to make some sort of a coherent meal plan for the next week. I swear, I plan and chart and list and do all the math to make a plan that is healthy, not too much and not too little, but it seems like, by Wednesday of each week we are living on a wing and a prayer. Where did all the meat go? Did I plan to make a weird bowl of whatever is left in the cabinet for one night? I have no idea. No one has gone (entirely) hungry yet, so I guess we’re doing ok. And yes, I know that all of this is terribly exciting.

Happy Labor Day weekend to you all, and may the weather be all you wish it to be. (Ideally I am praying for clear skies and an early fall chill to the air.)


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