Gluten-Free Shortbread Nutella Marshmallow Squares

I may have nearly juiced a slug yesterday. Do slugs ever come in the headless and green variety? If so, that is what fell out of my kale, into my sink, and for the love of Christmas, not in my juicer. Pal inspected closely and remained unsure of the slimy thing’s origin.

Good thing this post is not about juice. It’s about gluten-free shortbread, Nutella, and marshmallows. Better known as what I had for dinner.


This shortbread tastes anything but gluten-free. It’s airy and ridiculously buttery at the same time. It’s also slathered in Nutella and topped with marshmallow halves that are warmed, then toasted, all for the sake of the ultimate gooeyness.

I’m not sure about all the shortbreads out there, but this one is easy. Creamed butter and sugar, a yolk or two, vanilla, and flour – all smashed in a pan. I felt like I missed a step, or seven, but lo and behold, I was right on schedule.

The shortbread is par-baked, cooled and transferred to a baking sheet, then topped with Nutella (I stuck mine in the oven for a quick minute to soften to make spread-ability foolproof), then topped with marshmallows.


The ‘shmallows are a three step process: top, warm in oven for a couple minutes, smash with a spoon, then broil for a minute or two to get ’em golden. Make sure to watch the broiler – things can go from a light tan to ashes in seconds (and you don’t want to lose these beauties to poor time management).

I let the finished product cool for thirty minutes or so, then cut into squares. I could have let cool for a bit longer since the Nutella was still runny, but now they look more authentic, more s’moresy.


My Gluten-free Shortbread Nutella Marshmallow Squares were adapted from Joy the Baker’s recipe, which you can find here. I doubled the whole deal, subbed the flour for Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free All Purpose, and way too much Nutella for the jam. I know, how dare I?


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