One Thing At A Time

All this wedding excitement has my brain all abuzz. I want to be married. I want fall to be here. I want to go away for the weekend. I’m ready for the holidays… And then I remember – I won’t get this time back. This engagement. This pre-marriage limbo. My one time with this one beautiful ring on my finger.

So here’s to taking a breath and not letting the next nine weeks pass me by. Fall will be here soon (as will my 30th birthday!), and with the coming of the next season, will be the coming of mine and Pal’s next season – as husband and wife.


3 thoughts on “One Thing At A Time

  1. You, Julie, have always been able to enjoy the moment. I am especially glad you are taking in all of these special moments and treasure them as they come!

  2. I so hope you are enjoying this time……I had such a short engagement and very small wedding 🙂 Treasure each step of this process, indulge in treating yourself, and savor EVERY minute of it! Can’t wait 🙂

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