Doodles’ Daily Eats – 3 Days Gone

If I don’t photograph it, we can all pretend it didn’t happen? In short: my weekend, not so good. My appetite was switched with that of a linebacker and I ate all the things.

Not my proudest two days. Today, I ate much better, but not a decent picture of any of it.
Breakfast was an over-easy egg on Rudi’s Multigrain Bread. This is, by far, the best gluten-free bread I have tried. I smeared a little cream cheese on the toast for good measure. Lunch was gluten-free fusilli with turkey meatballs and marinara. Extra yummy meatballs this time around. Pre-CrossFit I had a pomegranate Chobani – though I have now learned that dairy pre-CF is not my best move. And dinner? Dinner was straight up awesome. Avocado Black Bean Burgers from Hummusapien topped with more avocado and hummus; on the side roasted broccoli, and roasted corn on the cob. I love her burger recipe so much. Super easy, healthy, and so, so tasty.

This was scattered, at best. My apologies… And here’s to a better effort tomorrow!


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