Doodles’ Daily Eats – Weekend Warrior

This weekend may have gotten the better of me. Lots to do, not a ton of time at home, and no time to workout today. Every day can’t be perfect, I suppose. Good thing there’s tomorrow!

Last night we celebrated the city of Smyrna’s birthday with lots of friends, food, and fireworks. The gluten-free options were limited, leaving my dinner to chicken-on-a-stick and kettle corn. The kettle corn was not originally apart of the plan, but once I popped, I couldn’t stop. Salty, buttery, sweet devil, that kettle corn. The chicken, however, was pretty awesome. Well-seasoned and hot off the grill.

Pal and I were up and at ’em bright and early this morning to help coordinate the first service at church. Before heading out the door I made us steel cut oats with cinnamon, sunflower seed butter and half a peach.

20130804-205311.jpgI came home for a quick lunch before heading downtown to help set up a party my company was putting on. More grilled chicken, veggies, and a small side of mashed potatoes. I topped the chicken with a little bit of mustard barbecue sauce. There are more dishes to come this week, outside of grilled chicken. Pinky swear.

Having not slept well last night, and feeling punchy (to say the least), I stopped by Starbucks this afternoon for the biggest latte I could get my hands on. Oddly, two hours before, I had told my Sunday school class that it had probably been a year since I had gone to a Starbucks. I’m pretty much over paying $5 for a coffee, but today I could not resist. I needed caffeine and I needed a lot of it… And it was good.

For working on a Sunday, my coworkers and I managed to have a pretty great time. A few hundered balloons were blown up and tied all over the rooftop of a bar overlooking downtown Atlanta (and I have a stellar farmer’s tan to prove it).

After all our balloons were tied we all went downstairs to grabs a drink and some snacks. Luckily we all shared, so the damage wasn’t totally, completely detrimental. Lets hope being on my feet all day helped counteract a bit of it all, too. In addition to the snacks I had a couple ciders. Very refreshing after spending an August afternoon on a rooftop.

So there’s my weekend, in all it’s imperfect glory… And here’s to a better week ahead!



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