Doodles’ Daily Eats: 3 Months Till The Big Day!

Today was another busy (but great!) day. The company I work for just underwent a massive office renovation and most of my day was spent moving boxes down to our beautiful new space. (Good thing since I didn’t have time to have a formal workout. :))

Breakfast was more cottage cheese, but this time with apple and pluot. The massive container is almost empty, thank heaven.

A coworker surprised me with a homemade chocolate-peanut butter Rice Krispy Treat. Had she not nearly shoved it in my mouth, I would have said turned it down. It was pretty amazing, so I’m glad she did. All that moving has to count for something, right?

The office went out for lunch and we ended up at Chili’s. I don’t eat there often, but I am always pleased when I do. I ordered the Mango-Chili Tilapia with rice and steamed broccoli. It was a very generous portion for 620 calories. The avocado was perfect, not too ripe, and the mango salsa was fresh and delicious.

A larger lunch paid off and I skipped my afternoon snack. I had a few errands to run after work and was starving by the time I got home. For dinner I warmed up the last of the leftover chicken and made green beans and a baked sweet potato, topped with a little bit of butter and light sour cream. So very good.

A good end to a good week. I have a crazy busy weekend ahead, wish me luck!


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