Doodles’ Daily Eats – Day 3

Today was a busy one. All my plates were up in the air and spinning, and not a single one dropped. Days like that are immensely gratifying.

Same breakfast, different plates. Don’t worry, this should be the last week of cottage cheese. 😉

Lunch today happened fast. I had to catch up on non-work emails during that time, so I quickly scarfed down grilled chicken topped with a wedge of Laughing Cow and some roasted pumpkin seeds. I must point out that my meals this week are uncharacteristically boring for me. I went to the grocery store Sunday with no real plan, so I ended up not doing my best work. It’s turning into a fun game of ‘let’s try not to run out of food this week, shall we’? Hopefully I haven’t left my Pal hungry.

My snack, while also scarfed, was just delightful. Fuji apple and peanut butter… Classic. I also grabbed another handful of pumpkin seeds before the gym. Those things are so hard to stay away from!

I opted for a half hour of elliptical intervals and weight machines instead of CrossFit today. After a non-stop day I needed some time to zone out while I worked out.

Leftovers are such a wonderful thing to come home to during the week. Dinner tonight was last night’s kabobs on top of a bed of roasted kale. I seasoned the kale with olive oil cooking spray, red wine vinegar, and kosher salt.

I also wanted to mention my water intake. It’d be incredibly boring to show you pictures of my water bottle, but hydration is so very important. I easily drink upwards of twelve glasses of of water a day. I’m not perfect and occasionally sneak a diet soda in there, but I’m really trying to squash that.


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