Doodles’ Daily Eats – Day 2

Here we are, day two of this little adventure. Day two and going strong. Wait, can two days be considered strong? Onward and upward, friends.

Breakfast was very similar to yesterday. Instead of apple I opted for half a pluot with my half peach and cottage cheese. And, like every morning, a big cup of coffee to go with it.
I snacked on another handful of nuts pre-lunch today, along with some black tea. Lunch, though a little sad looking, was actually really satisfying. Grilled chicken, roasted squash and okra, and a wedge of garlic and herb Laughing Cow mixed in.
Mid-afternoon I had Nut Thins, more Laughing Cow, and a little later, a cup of coffee. On a side note, my office is freezing! There are few places you can be cozy in a fleece, in July, in Georgia.

I grabbed a few roasted pumpkin seeds before CrossFit. My stomach was rumbling, but I can’t eat too much before I workout.

Today’s WOD was a bit shorter than yesterday’s. We started out with a 400m run and a few quick warmup exercises. After going over technique we did the following:

Two Rounds For Time:
21 GHD sit-ups (due to a crowded class, I opted for abmat wall ball situps)
15 squat snatches (35#/15#)
9 burpee box jumps

I finished in 11:00 flat. Short, but intense. After sitting for a couple minutes, I could already feel the soreness beginning to settle in. Bring it on!

Dinner was awesome – steak kabobs with red pepper, onion and mushroom, with a side of grilled corn. Absolute perfection. I could eat this every single day… Try me.



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