Whole Lemon Bars, via Smitten Kitchen

Oh, hey there. Sorry I forgot about you and sorry that I made these lemon bars for a Memorial Day cookout and we just saw the passing of July 4th. Sorry I go and get engaged and think can pretend that if it doesn’t have to do with planning this wedding, it actually doesn’t exist.


Apologies aside, I made these lemon bars at the end of May and they were a hit. Since we were visiting friends, I decided not to make these gluten-free. I regretted that decision immensely once I pulled these babies from the oven, but c’est la vie. There are many more lemon bars to make in this life.

The promise of using the entire lemon versus zesting (and zesting and zesting) really attracted me to this recipe (which I found in The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook). So simple… and on a side note, I love this cookbook. Beautiful photos, insanely good recipes, and fantastic stories.



A whole lot of butter, a good bit of sugar, and an entire lemon combined together equal magic. (Just because I couldn’t try the crust didn’t mean I skipped on trying the custard. Heaven, absolute heaven.)

Someone please give me a reason to make these again soon. The hostess I made these for said, and I quote, “Excuse me, but I need to be alone with these lemon bars.” That says it all.



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