My Best Friend Is You

Actually, my best friend is Pal and I had intended for this post to be about pancakes. Orange-ricotta pancakes with sauteed pears and pure maple syrup. It’s too bad my camera’s intentions were a bit different. Not one of my pancake photos were salvageable – at least not with my fledgling Photoshop knowledge. I can report that the pancakes were as good as they sounded and that there is still a post happening here.

A couple of weeks ago Pal and I celebrated our fifth anniversary (Paliversary). Five whole years with this guy? How did I get so lucky? I kid you not, these past five years have easily been my favorite five years to date. He is without a doubt, my other half. My other half that is insanely talented, thoughtful, and surprised me with this just last night:


It is entirely his design and had it laser-cut out of basswood. (The edges still smell burnt –¬† I love it.) The thought he puts into his work is so evident. I’m not sure if I could ever fully articulate just how proud I am of the amazing and beautiful art he creates.


Happy five years, Pal. I am pretty excited to see what’s to come for us.


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