Juice Cleanse: Day 2

this juice is amazing!

What a day. I woke up to find out my oldest sister had given birth to a healthy baby boy (her third!). I got ready, downed 20ish ounces of juice and bottled about 36 more ounces to take with me. All went well – I drove the two hours to see my sis, hung out with the fam, and grabbed a Naked Juice for the ride home. However, around 5:00pm my blood sugar dropped and it seems that no amount of juice can bring me back to life. I am freezing even after a hot shower and being bundled up in three blankets. I feel weak, tired, and overall terrible. Nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix.

Seeing that tomorrow is my first day at a new job (woohoo! super excited about this!), I think it’ll be in my best interest to take juice and a salad to work. No need to feel weak or risk not being at my best. I’ll still be able to juice for breakfast and a snack, which will be full of tons of yummy nutrients!


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