On Well-Being, Or Getting There

The past year with chronic urticaria (aka chronic hives) has been a frustrating one. Food allergies? Maybe. Unexplainable hives? Could be. There were a whole other host of issues tested, though the accuracy rates left me unconvinced. Cutting out gluten has benefited me in more ways than one, though I do not think it has affected my body’s response to hives. So what is a girl to do, wait and see what I react to next?

No. Turns out there are many things I can do for myself. Things I can do to potentially heal myself.

Over the weekend, Pal and I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead; Vegucated; and Hungry for Change. And boy, do I fee like I’ve come out of this documentary binge a changed person.

Joe, the man behind Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, was suffering from the same auto-immune condition as me (chronic urticaria). Joe healed himself with juice. When Joe doesn’t live on liquid alone, he focuses on a plant based diet, void of meat and dairy. And it’s not just mysterious conditions like chronic urticaria that benefit from this type of diet. So many conditions can benefit from a nutrient-dense diet like this. It’s kind of astonishing, yet seems so obvious.

I have decided to take on Joe’s way of life for at least one month, with 10 days being devoted to juice alone… and, you guessed it; I’ll be documenting my juice fast awesomeness here. However, I really don’t see myself quitting a plant based diet after one month.

Joe’s journey left me hungry for more information, so we watched Vegucated and Hungry for Change. Both contained similar information, with Vegucated offering a look inside commercial farms. I flat-out sobbed, and am leaving it at that.

*images via google

*i am not a doctor, so please consult a physician before making any changes to diet or medication


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