Say Goodbye to These

I always thought that I would be the one to decide what this blog’s voice would really be about. In my head I sort of imagined having some sort of “A-ha!” moment and deciding that would be the route I would seek. As it turns out, maybe that voice found me (or at least my disagreeable/intolerant body found that voice for me).

For me, this has been a year full cutting out foods I once loved. Honey, shellfish, and now gluten (and possibly dairy). Due to eczema that would not respond to at-home treatments of any kind, I decided to dig a little deeper and try to find out what might possibly be the cause. The more I read, the more I noticed a connection between eczema and food intolerance, namely gluten and dairy. This shouldn’t have been such a surprise considering the increased eczema when my honey allergy began. Several other gluten intolerant symptoms applied to me as well, so I decided to cut out both gluten and dairy for a while to see if anything improved.

I managed to maintain a gluten-free existence for three whole days. My cravings for bread had diminished and I felt great. Then I made stir fry. Who knew hoisin sauce wasn’t gluten-free? Not this girl. I read the ingredients and didn’t see anything suspicious. The next morning I didn’t feel great at first but dismissed it. After I ate the same stir fry for lunch, I felt terrible within minutes. I quickly googled hoisin and found the answer. Turns out eliminating gluten may just be more necessary than I initially thought. Dagger-like stomach pains, nausea, and acid reflux after eliminating gluten for just a few days? No thanks.

Long story short, it looks like JulieDoodles will be taking a turn for the gluten-free. If dairy doesn’t make a difference in how I feel, I may add that back in after a few weeks. I do like a challenge, though. Hopefully it’ll be an exciting foray into a whole new world of cooking. So allow me to leave you with these:

Joy the Baker’s Brown Sugar Cookies. Possibly the best cookie I have ever made. Chewy, with warm flavors that melt in your mouth. Most certainly a worthy exit from the gluten-filled ways of days gone by. Making them into leaf shapes made them that much more irresistible.

Stay tuned to see what JulieDoodles becomes. I have already done some recipe research and feel like a have a pretty great gluten and dairy free week ahead of me.


6 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to These

  1. I’m sorry sweetie you are struggling so with food allergies……………on the bright side, I see more and more gluten free products and recipes on the market these days. I hope that is helpful to you. I love you bunches and I have no doubt you will have some FABULOUS gluten free recipes coming soon in the future!


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